The relief of poverty and distress for Portuguese speaking communities, refugees and asylum seekers
GUINEA-BISSAU BRITISH TRUST is based in Westminster and has served the community since 1999 when it became a registered charity. A main aspect of our work is the relief of poverty and distress particularly amongst Portuguese speaking refugees and asylum seekers. We provide support and training in education, arts, culture, sport, and heritage as well as community development. We aim to encourage our service users to have the confidence to co-operate with our efforts to support them in their social, practical, emotional and well being.


Subject to funds we provide services both in the UK and in Guinea- Bissau. GUINEA-BISSAU BRITISH TRUST is committed to working for and alongside people with a wide range of barriers to inclusion in order to provide facilities, training and resources to enable them to engage and take part in wider community life. Our vision is of an equitable society in which everybody is enabled to achieve the best they can for themselves.


We seek to this by:


  • Advancing the views, needs and ambitions of people with barriers to inclusion.
  • Challenging discrimination in all forms, promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Influencing policy and attitudes through education
  • Developing and providing quality services which meet real and expressed need.
  • Working in partnership with organisations in the statutory and voluntary sectors to develop services that encourage independence and enhance quality of life.
  • Actively involving service users in all matters that significantly affect the services they receive.
  • Promoting the interests, rights, choices and well being of those in Westminster and surrounding boroughs with health and social care issues
  • Providing welcoming and accessible services.
  • Developing and disseminating information to help reduce the prejudices associated with refuges and asylum seekers.

Charity Registration No:1078487

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